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Meet the exclusive tour specialists in South Africa! At Personalised Designer Tours, we tailor tours to suit your own unique individual requirements. Our policy of keeping the groups small (not more than 16 people), allows us to spoil you with much deserved individual attention. It also allows us to transport you in luxury mini buses, while you enjoy the company of your selected companions, because we also don't mix groups.
Why South Africa?
It is a majestic land combining the rugged beauty of raw Africa, with the splendour of rich European ancestry. Built on opportunity, The Cape owes its existence to its logistical positioning. Half way between Europe and the Spice Islands it was founded as a refreshment station for weary ships crew in search of fresh supplies. As you can see, we have a tradition of sending happy visitors away restored and revitalised!
South Africa is also a country of astounding mineral wealth, apart from diamonds; gold was also discovered in the 19th century. This ensured rapid growth, from a little outpost into a thriving diverse nation, which today boasts 11 official languages! Rest assured, English is still the most widely used medium of communication.
Where else will you experience balmy sunshine for most of the year, vibrant people and such diversity in one single visit? Where else will you receive five star treatment and hospitality at such economical prices? When visiting South Africa your money will stretch much further than anywhere else including America and Europe! With retail prices so low, most tourists truly shop till they drop!
South Africa proudly offers something special for everyone. Why not bring the whole family?
We have world-renowned game parks, the notorious Big Five, miles of unspoilt beaches, and the breathtaking sheer cliffs of the Drakensberg. We even sport two of the world's most luxurious trains! Our scenery ranges from awesome desert to lush dense forestry, we even have a ski resort, (although not recommended) all in one magnificent country.
It is no surprise then that according to the British Conde Nast awards, South Africa is now rated 10th overall as a world travel destination, and has first place for value for money.

Why Us?
Because we have no fixed tours, we can allow you time to savour what South Africa has to offer. We ascertain your preferences by means of a personal questionnaire, and thereby customise an itinerary to suit your individual choices. We then recommend hotels, various routes, durations of stay and provide more accurate costing. As tours usually consist of small groups of family and friends, you are flexibly catered for, within your group. Please however, remember that complications arise when cancellations or rescheduling are not done in time, and sometimes-additional costs are incurred.

Specialist Medical Safaris South Africa is known for its progressive private medical and dental services. Since the days of Dr Chris Barnard, it has long been the choice of overseas visitors. Our economical costs and consistently high standards have a history off attracting tourists who choose to have these treatments done while on holiday, and recover while delighting in our traditional cuisine and award winning wines.

Conferences In South Africa, We have repeatedly proven our ability to successfully host world conferences. Consider hosting your next company conference here. Not only would it be more cost effective, but also your choice of venues would be numerous. From five star luxury hotels, to specialised conference centres, and even game parks, the options are limitless. Provisions can be made for up to 50 people or more.
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